Love & SexNot Supposed To

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(submitted by an anonymous OOC reader)

Unrequited love can hurt like a mofo. One of our readers sent this in: "I'm in love with someone I'm not supposed to be in love with." [end of story.] 

Is there a "supposed to" when it comes to feelings? Have you been in a similar situation? Share your story. 

#bodiesCapturing The Spark

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(submitted by Sara M)

Note: This post is Rated R. If you can't get into an R rated movie without an adult, skeedaddle, and read one of our other great stories. With that, here's another OOC exclusive from Sara M. on sex and happiness and stuff.

I know I’m not alone here when I say I like fucking.  I like fucking a lot.  I like fucking in a variety of settings, in a Cosmopolitan magazine’s worth of positions, multiple days a week, multiple times a day.  If I had to make a list of my top five favorite pastimes, fucking would be at least three of them.

#lifestagesDo you think the Stegosaurus ordered special meals on planes?

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laurenne dino

(submitted by Laurenne of Humans Are Funny)

In my mere thirty years on this planet, I have had lots of boyfriends. LOTS. Like, hundreds. First one: Pat McGovern, 1st grade. We were in different classrooms, but we each took a casual stroll to the bathrooms at the same time. He leaned his three-foot-two body against the pink tiled wall and waited for me to walk by. Then, just at the perfect moment, he told me I looked smashing (It was picture day, so I was slinging the old A game.). This was the first of many cheesy pick-up lines thrown at me from men leaning against walls, and I ate it up like Haagen-Dazs.


Love & SexBack Off, Asshole

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(submitted anonomously) 

"I'm tired of being blamed for my friend's depression. He wanted to date me, I said no, and now he's in the pits of despair. Which happens with rejection, we've all felt it. But he's actually going around telling people that I put him in his state of depression, not the act of being rejected. He's even going so far as making stuff up about me and trying to get our mutual friends to side with him by way of these lies. I didn't do anything to him. I merely said "I don't think it would work out" and in a very polite tone too. What he's telling everyone: "She's destroying me. Every time I'm with her, she smothers my soul". I'm sorry he's hurt, I honestly am. But I'm tired of him blaming me for his feelings. I can't help that I don't think we're compatible romantically and it's not my problem that he was so attached to the idea. He put himself in this depression, my rejection of him may have contributed to his feeling ...

Happy HatingYou Screwed Me Over

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(submitted by Kaitlin)

"you were my best friend. i told you everything and i did anything for you. i completely trusted you, and i trusted you not to talk behind my back,trusted you to not tell my secrets,not to lie to our mutual friends about my life. i trusted you because we were best friends,

i never said one damn bad word about you,but you screwed me over. friends improve our life,but you only showed me how evil and cruel some people are. thanks to you i am paranoid and worried that people will take what i say,and spin it. i see the world differently, and now my view is tainted.  you fucked my perception and now i trust no one, all because you wanted to be seen in a better light. i will keep being polite to you,but i learned from my mistake, you wont ever take fucking advantage of me ever again." ...

#bodiesHappy Mother’s Day, Get Under the Knife

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(submitted by Guest Contributor Mir from Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda)


As a blogger, I get a lot of pitches about a lot of nonsensical things. I get pitched multi-hundred-dollar face creams at my bargain shopping blog (which part of bargain was confusing, do you suppose?) and I get pitched crazy exercise gear at my personal blog, where I have often waxed philosophical about how I believe running is appropriate only if you're being chased. The point is that I'm no stranger to receiving pitches about things that are irrelevant to me. I'm not even that surprised when I'm offended by them, even.

Bad Girl?

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(submitted by Sara M.)

Listen, by all accounts, I think I’m a pretty normal girl.  I do normal-girl things like getting irrationally excited about nail polish and dancing around my apartment to Prince and secretly watching Gossip Girl even though I know I am too old to be watching Gossip Girl.  My normal-girl friends and I like to have normal-girl ladies’ nights where we pull up our barstools and order normal-girl cocktails and have normal-girl conversations about boys.  When they start discussing their normal-girl sex lives, though, I suddenly don’t feel like such a normal girl anymore.  


#thecumulativeeffectCheck Yes or No

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(submitted by OOC)

We can't decide if this makes sense (you'll get the joke if you keep reading).  But, apparently, women are less likely to assign something an absolute 'yes' or 'no' in favor of the 'maybe' response. Why do you think this is? Do you do it? 

Happy HatingI Am Sad

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(submitted anonymously by an OOC reader)

I am sad. Sad because things are not easier. I am sad because I haven't gotten it done. I am sad that people don't do what they should and I am sad because I keep hoping they will. I am sad that I am sad when I have so much to be grateful for and happy about. I am open and ready for change. Soon would be good. 

#thecumulativeeffectShare It

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(submitted by OOC)

We know a lot of people who suffer silently, and throw huge props to Catherine for speaking her truth, for coming forward and sharing her story, hoping it helps someone else: "If my revelation of having bipolar II has encouraged one person to seek help, then it is worth it. There is no need to suffer silently and there is no shame in seeking help." - Catherine Zeta-Jones

#lifestagesI Want the Wedding. Not the Marriage

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(submitted by Guest Contributor Almie of Apocalypstick)

Oh Apocalypstick, what is your deal? Do you like weddings? Hate them? Do you want to get married or condemn those who do? Tell me your stories. Your dreams. Tell me everything. Okay, imaginary questioner.

#thecumulativeeffectPink Collar Worker

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(submitted by OOC)

Marissa Mayer's the head of consumer products at Google.  Here's what she had to say: "I think it's important to send the message that you don't have to give up your femininity  in order to be in a male-dominated space."

What do you think, do femininity and work...work together? For sure "masculinity" does, right?  Tell us what you think.

Frog Prince

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(submitted by OOC)

And so Miss Piggy says "this, you see, is my ultimate ambition - to live a simple life with the frog I love."

Seems so simple, doesn't it?  What's your ultimate ambition? What (or who)  stands in the way of achieving it?

Awkward Gutter Thing

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(submitted by Guest Contributor Pretty All True)

I was looking out my kitchen window, and I saw our neighbor arrive home with a woman who was not his wife.


I watched as he guided her into his house, one solicitous hand on the small of her back.


Our neighborhood was not a chatty friendly sort of neighborhood.  All of the houses on our short street had gorgeous views, and the houses were designed around those views.  No sidewalks.  No front yards to speak of.  All of the houses were set sideways down a hill, so that each house’s yard was at a slightly different elevation.

A discussion with a neighbor required effort.

No one made the effort.

Everyone else on the street was nearing retirement age.  Mark and I had little in common with them, and so we continued to make no effort.  They made none in return.

Even after living there for several years, I had engaged in very few conversations with any of our neighbors.

We all liked ...

I’m Not Sorry

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(submitted by Guest Contributor Apocalypstick) “No thanks, I’m good.” “This might be a stupid question, but…” “I think you already told me this, so forgive me, but…” “I have this idea, it might be silly, but…” “I don’t think I can make it, but I’ll try…” “I’m sorry”, “I’m sorry”, “I’m sorry”, and “I’m sorry.”

Any of these sound familiar?

My friends and I are a group of funny, smart, confident girls and yet…I’ve noticed that either bluntly or subtly, most of our conversation contains some form of apology. I’m sure there have been studies about this pattern of women apologizing more than men and it fascinates me, especially when I catch myself do it. Why am I apologizing for not remembering  the friend of a friend’s brother’s name? Why do I shyly suggest something as though I’m going to be burned with a cigarette if my idea is rejected? Why can’t I just say a firm but polite “no” instead of, “Naw I’m good”? Why do we do ...