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Not As Pretty As I Want To Be

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black explosion chestist

(story submitted anonymously, by a Chestist, now on OOC rewind)

We're assuming this comes from one of our younger readers.  Any advice from any of you who've been there before?  Here's what she's got to share:

I always felt really sad for not being as pretty as I wanted to be.

Then I had a nose-job and I was sure I would feel better, because it's an expensive plastic surgery that is supposed to make you look better (even if it's not that much) but never worse. It turns out I look worse.

I had this surgery 6 months ago and I've been crying since then. Not only because I still don't feel pretty, but because I actually miss my face. I looked better before. I'm disappointed and now I don't have any hope. I totally regret this surgery. I wish I could go back 6 months and tell myself that I looked just fine. Now I can't even take pictures 'cause my nose looks bent. I try to think "It's just a little imperfection" but that makes me angry, because I wasn't born with it, it ...

#lifestagesThe Politics of Halloween Candy

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(by Mir)

It was during my childhood that the Fear Police decided that Halloween candy should be checked for razor blades and cyanide. For a few glorious years before whatever triggered the fear that your neighbors were trying to kill your kids, we trick-or-treated unabashed, gorging ourselves on whatever we found in our bags, and discarding the apples and boxed of raisins simply because they weren't candy, not because there was a fear that they might be deadly.

Back in the pre-fear days, it wasn't unusual to get a baggie full of unwrapped candy---the more frugal neighbors simply created smaller portions from a larger bag, rather than buying individually wrapped---and often such bags contained a variety of candy, so that you could pick through a single "serving" and have everything from cordials to pretzels. And while we always tossed the plain, inevitably stale popcorn balls neighborhood grandmas seemed compelled to distribute, the rare caramel apple or caramel (or even, if we were lucky, chocolate-drizzled) popcorn ball was cause for celebration.

But then, of course, came the various edicts: Never eat anything unwrapped. Check wrappers for signs of tampering. Never eat fruit ...

Caption, Capture

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(by Mir from here)

I am obviously given to documenting through words, whenever possible. My penchant for writing about my feelings, the day's events, and whatever else goes back to early childhood. But the saying is that "a picture's worth a thousand words," right? Back in ancient times, or, you know, the 70's, when I was a kid who regularly went to sleep-away camp, what I wanted most in the world was a camera. Of course everyone in the world owns a camera now, seems like, but back then it wasn't so common. I don't think the standard 110 cameras---like the one my parents surprised me with one summer before I left for camp---were all that expensive, really, but you had to pay for film, and developing, and if you were a kid who knew nothing about composing a decent picture, your roll of 36 exposures might yield two or three decent shots.

That camera was my pride and joy. Finally, I'd have pictures of my friends and my adventures! I came home at the end of summer and pestered my parents until my film had been dropped off and ...

She’s Tired Of It

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chestist sad

(by T.B., 19)

I am tired of thinking I'm not enough.

I am tired of being the one who compromises all the time.

I am tired of sleeping with my phone wondering if you'll write back.

I am tired of wondering what she has.

I am tired of being tired with it all and I know that I deserve better. {end story}

No matter your age, there are moments in all our lives (ok, maybe most of our lives) when we feel this way.  How do you deal with being tired of it...whatever it is?

Crazy Like a Fox

comment | October 10th, 2012


(by NK, 19)

There are times when I think I'm crazy.  I don't mean like psych-ward crazy (that's my cousin and it's sad) just that I'm tweaked a bit.  Everyone's always called me "weird" and I've always kind of agreed with them.  I mean I get what they see because I don't see things the way any of my friends do.  I've always felt like I'm different.  Does this make any sense?  {end story}

Far be it for us to say if it makes sense, but, um, well...

So here's the question...you ever think you're a little tweaked?  That you zig while others zag?  Ever been seen as weird?  What was (is) that like for you?


#lifestagesSweet Memories

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(by Mir, from WouldaShoulda)

I associate both of my grandmothers with sugar; my memories of both are inextricably tied up with sweets. In the case of my father's mother, I suspect she had a sweet tooth, herself. At her house there was always a metal cookie tin on the coffee table, filled with some kind of cookie I can't quite remember. It was like biscotti---a less sweet, bar-type concoction (Dad? Help me out!)---and next to that, a glass candy dish always filled with a variety of individually-wrapped hard candies. We kids were not only allowed, but encouraged, to partake from either vessel as often as we wished. Grandma always worried that we were too skinny. This was great, because it meant we could always have more treats.

My mother's mother had diabetes, so maybe she'd had a sweet tooth earlier in life, but she was very careful with her diet (and I never saw her eat sweets) in the time with her that I remember. But at her house there was a buffet cabinet sort of around the corner from the dining room table, and the middle drawer was always ...

#lifestagesSix and Sexy

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6 and sexy

(by Kate Gould)

Last Tuesday I decided I'd count the number of times I saw pictures of women doing sexy wherever I happened to see them. Wandering round the supermarket trying to find something for dinner that my pet rats would like, standing at the bus stop, flicking through magazines at the dentist, buying stuff online I don't need with money I don't have, walking to the pet shop to buy rat treats, and sitting in the bath reading the pile of Sunday supplements stacked by the loo, I counted 102 such images, each barely distinguishable from the next but all pouting and posing. Admittedly, waiting over an hour at the dentist and topping up the bath water to stop it going cold for two hours, I spent more time than I usually would looking through magazines in a day, but still, all those women are out there along with the products they're selling.

Despite how many we see in a day, these sexualised and sexist images of women are almost socially invisible. Adverts that depict women as dislocated body parts, corpses, objects, drug addicts, victims of gang ...

test test

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#chestismsTime Is What We Make Of It.

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annie dillard1

We pretty much love this.  Succinct and to the point.  Oh, and right too.  What do you think?  How are you spending your days, and what would you do differently - now that you've stopped to think about it????

Love & SexNot Good Enough

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chestist sad


my boyfriend just broke up with me..and I started laughing my ass off because for some insane reason I'd thought I was good enough for him. {end story}

Odds are (statistically speaking) most relationships don't last.  When yours end, do you think it's a reflection on you?  Why?

Love & SexSex and Happyness

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(story by FMB, on repeat, via dailymaiil)











Want to get happier?  Get busy.  That's the implication of a study from the U.K. (they're so far ahead of us on so many things).  Check it:

"Making love boosts our happiness more than anything else."  Yup, according to this study of 45,000 iPhone users, having sex is the best way to help yourself feel good.

So, we've got 2 questions.  One, is this true for you?  And 2, what if the sex is only meh?  Let's #discuss.

(Read more)

Happy MakingQ: How Do You Handle Conflict?

11 comments | September 27th, 2012


(by FMB)

Conflict's as inevitable a part of life as...pooping and peeing (you probably thought we were going to say death and taxes.  Nope, not us.)

How we handle conflict can have a lot to do with how we feel.  Some of us run head first into it and some of us run away from it like a coming storm.

What about you - do you deal with it head on; let it fester; swlallow it whole and never address it?  Does it matter who the conflict is with?  Are you more or less likely to deal with it if it's at hom,e, a friend, at work?  Any tips from any of you guys on how you deal with it productively?  Conflict...let's #discuss.

#lifestagesHe Lied About Me

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chestist sad

(by "Breezy", a 21 yo Chestist)

I think we can all agree, sometimes some people suck.  This story is one of those times:

A good friend of mine lied to his friends and the guy I've been dating about sleeping with me. I just want to know why. I don't understand. It really, really hurts me, and it makes me feel sick, used, and betrayed. {end story}

This ever happen to you...where someone, let alone a good friend, made up a story about you...somethingthat was so false and hurtful and left you wondering wny and WTF?  What happened?  How;d you deal with it?  How'd you get past it - or haven't you?

If you haven't, we say let it go.  it's doing nothing good for you.  But either way, share your story here, won't you?